Beth Transitions to a New Community






Beth (middle in blue) enjoyed an afternoon of kickball with other PTI participants.

Beth addressed the crowd at Trivia Night.  Here is what she had to say about her experience with Pathways to Independence:

Good evening.  My name is Beth and I’m a Pathways participant.  I’ve only been in Pathways for a few years, but my life has changed a lot during that time for the better.

Growing up, I never remember a time where I did not have a disability.   School was difficult because of the social interactions.  I knew that I did not fit in.  I often felt like I was on the outside looking in.

A few years ago I moved from Illinois to St. Charles County and found out about Pathways by participating in the Mers/Goodwill job training program, which has a partnership with Pathways.  I’ve always had to have some sort of support system and immediately after I moved, my family started to help me put that into place.  Because of Pathways my support system has grown a lot.

I decided to join Pathways because I wanted to get to know people.  I was new to the St. Charles community and so it was essential for me to get to know the area.  Pathways has given me opportunities to learn new things and make new friends.

I’ve learned organization and problem solving skills by planning small group social activities with the help of Pathways staff.  I am also much more confident and more likely to call up someone I don’t know very well to ask them to get together than I used to.

I also love the social college program because I like to use my experiences, good and bad, to help other people in the class.  The social college, no matter the topic, always help me with my social interaction skills.  I like hearing about other people’s social experiences too and discussing them in social college.  I learn what to do and what not to do in social situations.

Because of Pathways, I’m more independent and the program has helped with the transition of moving to a new place.  Pathways has been a stepping stone to a lot of other things.  I’m also involved in a lot of other organizations besides Pathways.  I’m happier now than I have been years.

Thank you for supporting this organization that has done so much to improve my life and social network!