Chris Develops his Network of Friends!



While Chris has only been a participant for a short time, since August 2013, he has seen his  social skills improve, friendships develop and learned to travel more places on his own.  After trying out a few events, Chris decided to join PTI, “I really liked the other participants and staff at the few activities I tried,” he stated.

At the nursing home where he works as a dishwasher, he feels accepted and appreciated.  Chris says, “I like the atmosphere, people, and the nursing home administrator understands my disability.”  However, Chris held jobs in the past where he was misunderstood and bullied by co-workers.  Other PTI participants had similar experiences in their careers and in sharing these occurrences with one another, they have formed a bond.  Chris described how this helps him: “It encourages me to try harder and it makes me feel better that other people have had the same issues as me and we can talk about them together.”

With the help of Pathways to Independence, Chris has started to build his own network.  The new friends Chris has made since joining PTI also have shared interests in going to Six Flags, movies, games and mini golf.  He says, “I used to just stay home in my room.  Since I joined PTI, I’ve been going out, doing activities and making more friends.”

Chris (1)

Chris, center in gray, with other participants at a PTI bowling event.


photo 3

Chris, left, at our annual Pitch for Developmental Disabilities fundraiser and awareness day at the ballpark.