St. Louis City Resident

St. Louis Office for Development Disabilities (DD Resources) Funding Eligibility

For PTI’s basic service eligibility, please see our eligibility page.  Participation fees are required for all participants, the fees vary based on the county of residence, availability of funded spots and funding eligibility.  

Forms needed to apply include:

Consumer_Information_Form_REVISED Dec 2016

Dept of Mental Health Authorization for Disclosure

Pathways to Independence (PTI) is funded in part by the St Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources (DD Resources). DD Resources partially funds participation for up to 10 individuals for ONE EVENT PER MONTH in skills related to:

  • building relationships and/or natural supports and/or
  • improving skills to more fully participate in the community and/or
  • improving skills that will increase their potential for successful employment outcomes (social interaction, decision making, problem solving, transportation planning, etc… – PTI does not place individuals in jobs or coach while on the job)

PTI provides this through group learning opportunities in the community where each member present supported by PTI is working together to improve skills in these areas.

There may be a waiting list for funded positions. Please contact the PTI office to find out. In either case, PTI encourages individuals fill out the Consumer Information Form and supply PTI with the documentation requested in our Intro Letter.

Eligibility for DD Resources funding as described in the DD Resources Funding Manual revised 2010 is as follows:

Individuals Eligible to Receive Service from DD Resources

A. Disability:

1. Individuals who have a disability which is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction or a similar condition found by comprehensive evaluation to be closely related to such conditions, or to require habilitation similar to that required for mentally retarded persons; and,

(a). Which originated before age eighteen; and,

(b). Which can be expected to continue indefinitely;

2. Individuals who have a developmental disability as defined in section 630.005,R.S.Mo.; “Person who is Handicapped” shall mean a person who is lower range educable or upper range trainable mentally retarded or a person who has a developmental disability.

3. Individuals who meet the functional definition of a developmental disability as determined by the St. Louis Regional Center. (Revised 10-2006)

B. Residency: Persons who are Developmentally Disabled who are residents of the City of St. Louis (adopted 10/17/82).

Resident definition: A person who is Developmentally Disabled is a “resident” eligible for funding under any one of the following:

1. Where immediate family/guardian resides; OR,

2. Residency of a family member having responsibility for the person with DD; OR,

3. Last residence with family/guardian prior to admission to state facility; OR,

4. If of age, and possessing “legal rights”, the individual person with DD on their own volition chooses to reside in that county.

C. Exclusions:

1. Funding for City residents of State Operated Group ICF/MR Facilities and Medicaid Waiver Group Homes (7-01-91).

2. Effective July 1, 1991, DD Resources assumed a position to not fund services for residents residing in State Operated Group Homes, ICF/MR Facilities and Medicaid Waiver Group Homes. Local community Service Provider and State Facilities are funded for residential and other community based services in their per diem rate for these services.