March Participant of the Month: Daniel!

Introducing PTI’s Participant of the Month: Daniel



If you go to Schnucks regularly, you might see Daniel, an employee in maintenance with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.  Daniel said, “I joined Pathways in 2011 because I wanted to make friends, go places I’ve never been before and learn to express my feelings.”  He loves going to Six Flags, watching football, riding his bike around St. Louis City and hanging out with his friends and family.

Before joining PTI, Daniel had trouble communicating with others.  He says, “Pathways has helped me be more open with my family and friends.”  Daniel has made several friends through PTI and keeps up with them on Facebook and by using Facetime on his iPhone and iPad.   He received the iPad for Christmas last year and has used it to to learn about social networking, taking photos and to better connect with his friends.  Since joining PTI, he says, “I’ve become better at socializing with others and I actually like being social now.  I’ve made friends I never would have met by being involved with Pathways.”

Daniel lives independently in his own apartment and gets around St. Louis with the help of his friend, Jerry, and by riding his bike and taking public transportation.  Jerry and his wife are big supporters of Daniel and encourage his participation with PTI.   Daniel’s advice to incoming PTI participants is to “be friendly, willing to trying new things and be yourself.”


Daniel, left, at a PTI event at Grant’s Farm  


 Tim B, Daniel, Katy D, Tatum O

Daniel, 2nd from left at the St. Charles Auto Show



Mike Wil, Daniel, Susie G, Michel We

Daniel, 2nd from left at Ballpark Village