Maria Builds Confidence!

Ray, Mike K., Maria S.
Maria (right) at Meramec Caverns


Maria began her pathway to independence two years ago with the goal of broadening her social horizons and to give her confidence in her communication skills for when she interacts with new people. She also was looking forward to meeting new friends and having new experiences that might be outside of her comfort zone.


Maria’s first event was a day trip to Meramec Caverns where she said, “at first I was shy (during the trip) but once people starting talking I realized everyone was so nice and friendly I ended up having a good time and meeting more people!” She attributed the welcoming attitude to the PTI staff on the trip by saying, “PTI’s staff have been great at communicating with everyone and by welcoming us and making us feel comfortable at events. They’re always willing to help you with anything you need”.


While she has many great PTI experiences, one of her favorite memories was when she participated in a daytrip to the Lake of the Ozarks. “We went to a park and a little beach where you could swim in the lake and we had lunch and everyone talked with one another”, she said. “We ended up making a whole day of it”.


While Maria loves participating in PTI events, she said that one of her big goals that she has been working on recently is to interact more with people outside of organization-sponsored events. “I’m much more outgoing that I used to be and I want to continue to open up around people I don’t know as well,” Maria said. She plans to continue attending PTI events to help build her confidence in her communication skills that she can then put into practice at places such as work and in her community.


We can’t wait to see the great strides that Maria makes in the near future!

Susie Sc., Maria S., Rose
Maria (left), Rose and Susie


Maria & Rose
Rose and Maria at the Holiday Party