About Pathways

Providing a path for adults with complex learning disabilities and Level 1 autism spectrum disorders to lead confident, fulfilled and connected lives.

PTI’s program teaches interpersonal, advocacy and community involvement skills, applying them through community-based events that help the participants feel more comfortable in their environment.  Over time, participants experience success in their personal and work relationships and become actively engaged in their community.

Programs are designed to support participants in:

  • Developing a robust personal network of friends and natural supports
  • Enhancing socialization skills and social understanding
  • Initiating self-advocacy
  • Integrating into and accessing their community
  • Enhancing soft skills necessary for vocational and employment success
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Increasing self-esteem

Our Mission

Pathways to Independence supports the development of skills that positively impact the lives of adults with disabilities who seek greater independence and social success.

Our Vision

Adults with complex learning disabilities and associated disorders will enjoy a fullness of life through:

  • Participating in a community which is accepting and offers choices
  • Attaining self-realization, independent living, health habits and security
  • Engaging in relationships utilizing good judgments
  • Contributing to the community with a sense of purpose, passion and responsibility

Operating Principle

Through PTI programming, participants develop skills and apply those skills in areas that translate to greater independence and success in achieving their vocational, personal, social, community and volunteer pursuits. In turn, participants become more comfortable in personal and community-based relationships and involvement.  Families experience greater peace of mind and autonomy as our participants experience more fulfilled lives and greater self-reliance.  The community is enhanced through the participants’ active involvement, economic contributions and improved diversity as they experience greater independence and social success.