The Pathways to Independence (PTI) program focuses on helping participants develop social interaction, advocacy, community engagement and transportation skills that are commonly difficult for adults with complex learning disabilities, Level 1 autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS and associated developmental disabilities that impact their social interaction skills. Staff assists participants in developing new peer relationships, maintaining peer relationships, appropriate social interactions, boundary issues, and address individual communication issues during the community-based learning opportunities that are held each month in various locations throughout the community. One-on-one support, small group and round-table training are also offered.

To accommodate the schedules of our working participants, most learning opportunities are held during evening and weekend hours. Some examples of where participants may be engaged in the community to learn skills include:

  • Arts programming such as classes, theatre productions and gallery events
  • Physical activities such as bowling, trail walking, and roller skating
  • Sporting events including professional, collegiate and local adult based sports.
  • Educational classes such as reading, math, and conversation skills
  • Hosting events such as game night, pizza & video, holiday parties and special events
  • Volunteerism opportunities
  • Community integration events such as social dances, community festivals, dining out, visits to area entertainment landmarks

All participants receive an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) where goals are set, addressed, and monitored throughout the year. Our attendance policy states each participant must attend a minimum of one event each quarter.