Inspiration Point: GAP Services

PTI has been expanding over the past few years by adding more full time staff and consultants to support an ever-increasing number of individuals seeking our programming. Programming has also expanded through our Social College and Social Focus projects.

Now, PTI has taken another step toward meeting the goals of PTI participants through our brand new Inspiration Point, a project of PTI. This space, located directly across the hall from our current location, increases our footprint and gives PTI prime visibility to anyone entering the 200 South Hanley building in Clayton. Inspiration Point will fill existing service gaps and enhance our response to the needs of existing and potential participants while also supporting the greater community.

GAP(Growth and Potential) Services

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PTI is offering individual GAP (growth and potential) Services.  GAP Services consist of 1: 1 training in social and presentation topics as they most commonly relate to preparing for the workplace or addressing workplace interactions; or addressing interaction obstacles that impact other areas of your  life. Our services can:

  • compliment other area providers,
  • pick up where other providers services have ended, or simply
  • “fill in the gaps”.

Individuals using this service will be able to specify situations they want to address and PTI will help develop steps to achieve their goals.  GAP services can help lead to:

  • increased public confidence,
  • more meaningful contribution at work or other social situations,
  • advancement in career choices, and
  • greater advocacy for your wants/needs with other providers, employers or in personal situations.

Areas that PTI can support include, but are not limited to:

Resume Building, Public Speaking, Interview Practice, Social Relationships at Work, Job Transition, When to look for another job, Networking, Safety in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment at Work, Taking Initiative, Appearance and Personal Presentation, Problem Solving, Building an Online Profile, Transportation Tools, Completing Online Applications, Work Related Stress/Anxiety, Advocating for Accommodations, Time Management

GAP  Services can also provide small group training on independent living skills training.  These topics could include:  Budgeting, Counter-Top Cooking, Meal Planning for the Work Week, Transportation Planning, Work/Life Balance.  See our GAP Services Information Flyer for more information.

Pricing: Fees are $15 per hour for PLB-funded participants and $30 per hour for all other participants.