Social Focus

PTI’s Social Focus (Self-Directed Community Interaction Skills) program is one that offers participants smaller group interactions with staff for supports. This facet of PTI’s programming allows participants to focus on individualized skill development in areas of formation of personal, community, and vocational relationships as well as awareness of, access to, and involvement in community resources.  These events are either staff planned and communicated through PTI’s monthly calendar or imitated and planned by the participant with staff support.

Social Focus programming offers a wide variety of skills training, some of which include how to initiate social activities, how to maintain friendships, how to resolve conflict with friends, money management, transportation training, use of computers, etc.

Small Group Individualized Training

This project consists of small groups of four or less planned by individual participants. This planning may also include one-to-one supports from staff members. This format allows for more personalized coaching of skills to each person in attendance while each attendee builds relationships with the others in the small group. In addition, all participants will be coached on their individualized goals within this small group setting. Individuals are welcome to participate when invited or may contact PTI staff if interest in planning a get-together with their peers.

Some small groups may consist of up to four individuals working together toward a common goal as well.  In this case, staff may assist in coordinating up to four individuals to meet at a single location with staff coaching each person at their level of understanding.  For example, four people all want to plan separate get-togethers with others; staff may have them meet and go through the planning processes based on what each individual needs support with, but all are working on a similar goal of inviting others to something they are planning.  While doing this, they are also gaining social interaction with one another and those around them.

Some examples of small groups previously planned and hosted by participants include:

  • Attending both professional and collegiate sporting events
  • Dining out in the community
  • Roller-skating
  • Walking and biking various trails in St. Louis
  • Tie Dye
  • Computer class
  • Healthy Cooking Club
  • Going on a hike and picnic at a local park
  • Planning a party

To Schedule Small Group Individualized Supports

Please contact PTI staff by the following methods:

Phone: 314-863-0202 x4 or by


Mail: 200 South Hanley Road, Suite 103, Clayton, MO 63105

 photo 3 (17)
Shannon and John put together a monthly small group where they improve their computer skills and learn about new technologies.


Participants at a small group event at the mini golf course.



Jim worked with staff to plan a birthday party.