Social Growth

PTI’s Social Growth  program is one that focuses on increased positive social experiences, expansion of social circles, elevating self-confidence and improving self-esteem through fun leisure programming in the community.

  • Staff plans these events and is available to coach participants through social encounters and/or tasks for which the participant may wish to have support. This may include cash handling, transportation planning, time management, conversation skills, route planning, decision making, and a host of other skills needed for everyday interaction with others and the community.
  • Transportation may be available to select events throughout each month from designated meeting points.
  • All participants should plan for expenses based on the event(s) they choose to attend each month, which may include the cost for tickets, snacks, meals, materials and supplies, public transportation/parking, etc.
  • Social Growth opportunities are communicated through a monthly calendar made available when an individual registers for this program and pays the first month of fees.


Busch Wildlife (8)             Busch Wildlife (5)
Participants fished, did some paddling in the lake, and learned about conservation at Busch Wildlife.