Social Growth

PTI’s Social Growth  program is one that focuses on increased positive social experiences, expansion of social circles, elevating self-confidence and improving self-esteem through fun leisure programming in the community. A monthly calendar will be issued to all participants offering a wide variety of event options, giving these individuals the opportunity to explore new places in their community, participate in various social events, and develop and build life-long friendships.

  • Staff plans these events and is available to coach participants through social encounters and/or tasks for which the participant may wish to have support. This may include cash handling, transportation planning, time management, conversation skills, route planning, decision making, and a host of other skills needed for everyday interaction with others and the community.
  • Transportation may be available to select events throughout each month from designated meeting points.
  • All participants should plan for expenses based on the event(s) they choose to attend each month, which may include the cost for tickets, snacks, meals, materials and supplies, public transportation/parking, etc.
  • Social Growth opportunities are communicated through a monthly calendar made available when an individual registers for this program and pays the first month of fees.

The fee structure for the Social Growth  project will vary for participants under each funding source and is defined as follows:

Participants without a public funding source: residents of St. Louis County, individuals on wait list in St. Louis City or St. Charles County or residents of areas outside of these three counties.

  • $600 for 36 events from July 1-June 30 of the following year,  (This is a 75% discount from the estimated $2,400 per person cost to provide 36 opportunities.)
  • $20 for each event beyond the first 36,
  • Scholarships are available to assist with fees. For more information on scholarships, please contact Craig Strohbeck at 314-863-0202 ext. 2.
  • Event and transportation fees are included in the total amount,
  • Participants who do not wish to enroll in or do not receive public funding for PTI’s Social Focus program are welcome to attend small group events to which they are invited each month. In this instance, however, individuals should understand that attendance at these small group activities will serve as one of their allotted monthly events under the Social Growth fee structure.

St. Louis City – DD Resources funded participants: (wait listed St. Louis City residents, see above)

St. Charles County – DDRB funded participants: (wait listed St. Charles County residents, see above)

Event and transportation fees are currently covered through DDRB and DD Resources funding

**A scholarship fund has been established to assist those who may not be able to afford the monthly fee. For more information, please contact Craig Strohbeck at 314-863-0202, ext. 2 or by email at

photo 5 (3)
Participants and staff at a Cardinals game earlier this year.  Participants watched the game and navigated the metrolink back and forth from the stadium.


photo 1 (33)
Participants and staff dine out with a food critic at Quincy Street Bistro.  Participants learned how the food critic judged restaurants, discussed their opinions of the food, and came to a group consensus on how they reviewed the restaurant.  They gave it 4 stars!


Busch Wildlife (8)             Busch Wildlife (5)
Participants fished, did some paddling in the lake, and learned about conservation at Busch Wildlife.