Volunteer Position Descriptions – Board Member

Location: Meetings are held six times per year. Board Members are also expected to participate in fundraising events and attend a few participant events throughout each year that they serve on the Board.

Expected Hours: Meetings typically last 1-2 hours. Committee work and attending
events would likely equate to 5-10 hours per month.


  • Attend meetings of the board
  • Serve on a minimum of one committee
  • Participate in annual meeting, board retreats, and special projects
  • Make informed decisions and policies
  • Act in the best interest of the organization
  • Invest personal energy, skills, and resources in the purpose and goals of the organization
  • Accept responsibilities as negotiated and assigned by the Board chairperson
  • Support the organization financially on an annual basis


  • Clean background check
  • Be able to give the hours needed
  • Professional presence
  • Interest in the organization
  • Knowledge or skills that could benefit the organization


  • Intrinsic rewards of supporting a cause
  • Resume builder
  • Build relationships
  • Be an important part of change