Susie Develops Essential Skills

Susie is a very active PTI participant who has utilized the skills she’s learned through PTI in her work and social life outside of the organization. Through PTI, Susie has enhanced her conversation, planning, time management and customer service skills. These improved skills have not only helped out her social life, but work and family life as well.

Throughout her childhood, Susie said, “I felt shy talking and interacting with new people. After high school I didn’t have a lot of friends. People I knew went their separate ways.” Susie joined PTI in her early twenties after learning about the program from an existing participant. One area where she feels she has improved significantly is conversation. The PTI staff “help me with my relationships with other people. I find it easier to come up with topics to talk about. I feel more comfortable starting a conversation and asking people questions.”

This skill of approaching people and starting a conversation has helped in her work at The Emporium, an antique and furniture store in Kirkwood that her mom owns. Susie says, “I’m more talkative with the customers in the store. I feel more comfortable asking them what they need help with and answering questions they have. It has allowed me to make more sales.” Susie has developed the confidence in herself and her customer service skills that have led to success in her family business!

Another area where Susie has worked very hard is her ability to plan her own small group social events with friends. Susie has utilized PTI’s Social Focus program where a staff supports the participant through the planning process of setting up their own social activity with existing friends made in the program. Susie also gets invited to other participants’ small groups. She says, “I feel excited when people invite me to their small groups and I feel important because I’ve been invited.” This sense of belonging and acceptance greatly enhances Susie’s confidence in herself, which allows her to continue building upon her existing skills.

Susie has also become a champion of the PTI cause and has assisted with some fundraising efforts and events. She came in to volunteer with Trivia Night and has used her personal social media to promote PTI’s fundraising efforts. Susie says, “I wanted to get more people to the Trivia Night and to have them support the organization. Its important to have people know about Pathways so more people like me can be supported.”
As Susie looks towards the future, she wants to continue building on her current success, learning and growing with PTI and helping people in her community.


Susie and Leigh Small group 1
Susie (left) with a fellow participant at a small group event


Emma B., Allaina, Mike K., Susie Sc., Stuart O.
Susie (2nd from right) at Bee Tree park at another participant’s small group event