About a participant who has found new methods of communicating and sharing with others

Kate struggles to express herself to others. She speaks fast and sometimes is difficult to understand. This creates more difficulty for her to build relationships. On the other hand, Kate has a passion for art. Through her life experiences and additional exposure to artistic expression made available through Pathways, she has become more creative with her works. She has learned to take what she has read or seen and use that as inspiration to create pieces of personal art that she feels creates a connection with others. In her art, she uses a variety of media including paper, beading, collage, paper mache and clay to express herself in a different way to others. Each piece tells her own story.

Mrisa Dalla Valle, an Italian artist, worked with Kate to teach her to express herself through art. As a result, she has a stronger bond with her family. She offers her works to others as gifts, creating friendships through the recognition of her commitment and concern. She continues to build her social circle through art and in turn, inspires more personal confidence in her day-to-day life.

Kate’s commitment to others is evident in her participation in the Children International program for the last 15 years where she supports two children every month using her own money. She sends the children letters and artwork that also builds her social circle in other directions.